Memorial Day Weekend

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You guys have a super funny puppy!

Sunday I had to work all day and it was super humid/hot — so I didn’t want Tilly to have to be in that all day.  I rigged up a large kennel area in the kitchen, even making sure to put barriers under the island so Tilly couldn’t get out.

I spent a little under 9 hours at work.  Tilly didn’t have any accidents or destroy anything!  (Whew!  I remember when Colton was learning to be outside of his kennel at about the same age… you never know what type of surprises you’ll find when you get home!)  I’m not sure how, but she escaped the large kennel area by the time I opened the door.  She couldn’t have been loose for too long, her feet and face were still soaking wet from playing in the water!

Yesterday we went to the dog part at Shawnee Mission Lake.  I sent you the videos I could, but I wish you could have been there to see her.  She’d take her whole head and put it under the water and blow bubbles.  When she had a good stream of bubbles coming up she’d jump up out of the water and try to pounce them.  Of course her head was soaking wet, so she was flinging water EVERYWHERE trying to dry off.

She met about 15/20 other dogs and people.  She was a good girl – no behavior issues to talk about besides occasionally jumping on someone since she was so excited.  I’m most proud of the fact she would come back to me almost every time I called her.  I wouldn’t trust her in a busy traffic area or super open area yet, but you’ve got to start somewhere.

After we left the dog park Tilly slept all day.  She didn’t even want to go outside when it was time!  Today she is still sleepy.  I love it!

A sad, sad story…

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Yesterday Tilly’s website crashed.  Even though I’ve backed the site up regularly everything was lost.  It was a very late night trying to rescue the blog and a very sad morning having to start over.  But, don’t worry!  I still have all of the pictures on my backup drive!  And, you really don’t want to re-read her sad, sick little start to life, do you?

Here’s to starting fresh for the last month before Tilly becomes your forever puppy!

Today Tilly went to the vet for general GI issues.  She was a star.  Naturally everyone in the clinic loved Tilly!  She has been placed on meds for the next week to see if we can clear up the symptoms.  She was also given her Rabies vaccine along with started on Heartworm prevention.  The vet said you should consider spaying her about a month after you’ve received her.  I’ve sent both Lana & Dave a text with more information on the check-up.

On a more serious note… would you ever consider renaming Tilly “Ramen”?  That way you could introduce her as your Ramen Doodle!  (Yes, I know… lame.)

Amazing post with all the goodies

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